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Meditation can help you find yourself again

What is Meditation?

Meditation has become a household word, but what is it and why should you being practicing it? Fundamentally, meditation is a method of quieting the mind, resetting the physiology of the body, and connecting with the source of your very being. It’s become an extremely popular way to recharge and reboot ourselves in a fast-paced world filled with sensory overload. Meditation techniques are designed to temporarily interrupt our endless internal thoughts, allowing us to shift into a calmer state of being. Each of us handles the stress of life differently, but the mind and body still interpret those stressors with the fight or flight biological response. Meditation corrects this response by creating a state of restful awareness, resulting in a sense of renewal and ease in both body and mind. A regular meditation practice starts to open us up to new choices and creativity in our everyday happenings. It’s subtle at first, but the more we return to restful awareness, the more we begin to release patterns that no longer serve us and then we can create new actions with purpose.

Different Methods

There are many forms of meditation and schools of thought around them. I'd like to invite you to try different styles and continue to investigate what works best for your mind body constitution and current circumstances.

Guided meditations are very popular and can be found on the internet, within apps, and in video sharing platforms. In a guided meditation, someone is leading you in a visualization, like walking in a forest, to sense and feel its surroundings, or sharing an uplifting topic and holding its intention in silence for a period of time. Using guided meditations is an easy way for a beginner to learn to shift thoughts and create stillness in the mind and body.

Schools of meditation teach a specific method for quieting the mind and slowing the body in order to reach a restful awareness state of being. Many include teachings of transcendence and higher states of consciousness. Some have strict rules governing time of day and duration while others offer less stringent methodology.


Mantra based meditation is common and can be used to give the mind something to stay with, instead of allowing wandering thoughts. I teach a mantra based meditation called Primordial Sound Meditation. In this practice a mantra is chosen for you based on your birth date, time and location. The mantra, known as a tool for the mind, is then gently, effortlessly repeated in the mind as you sit quietly for a period of time. While meditating you may find yourself in wandering thought, and this always happens. You simply choose the mantra and continue repeating it, thus interrupting thought and allowing your physiology to reset to restful awareness.

Breath Awareness Meditation is another great technique for a beginner or for people suffering from illness, trauma and pain. A person may choose to simply sit quietly witnessing their breath as they inhale and exhale. In addition, counting each inhale and exhale breath, will keep the mind from wandering thoughts. There are several breathing techniques that can be used to reset the physiology allowing faster recovery and healing.  

Benefits of Meditation

A regular practice of meditation improves our health, which is a state of balance between body, mind, heart and spirit.

It’s been proven that meditation:

 Lowers stress hormone response to challenges

 Improves circulatory function

 Improves digestive function

 Improves mood

 Creates younger bio markers like blood pressure, hearing, and vision

 Reduces ambulatory BP

 Increases DHEA levels

Not only will it improve your overall health, meditation helps to expand our consciousness and cultivate witnessing awareness. This means we are less reactive, are more creative, reflective of our actions, and able to remain in the present more frequently.

Learn to Meditate

I am a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in San Diego, California. I gained extensive experience both teaching guests and mentoring meditation teachers in the 6 years I worked at the Chopra Center.

Since it’s a vital part of transformation, I often teach meditation to coaching clients. I also offer meditation classes, guided meditations, and speak at public and corporate events.

Meditation classes available:

 Introduction to Meditation and Aspects of the Practice

 Mantra Initiation Ceremony and Personal Instruction

 Higher States of Consciousness and Transformation

 Group Guided Meditations

 Private Mentoring

I’m deeply passionate about helping others find a personalized path to wholeness and peace. I would be honored to share my knowledge and personal experience with you or your group. Scroll down to contact me for more information.

This is what a group planner had to say:

Thank you Treloar! It was wonderful to have you speak to our group and lead our meditation. I received excellent feedback from everyone. 

Solana J, M.D. M.Sc. at Cedars-Sinai

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