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My name is Treloar Hocking and I’m excited you are here.  A native of Seattle Washington, I grew up loving the outdoors and competitive sports. It wasn’t until I moved to Germany at 20, that I realized my love for travel, which allows me to learn about new cultures and what makes people unique. My curiosity and enthusiasm always put me in leadership roles in the work force and it's there that I realized I loved to teach, sharing knowledge and experience with others. I went on to have a long successful career as an Accounting Controller for startup companies in the manufacturing industry on the west coast.

Twenty years ago, I developed an anxiety disorder from single parenting, overwork, and perfectionist tendencies but didn’t yet understand why or how it was all happening to me. I sought a therapist for a brief period and decided medication was not the direction I wanted my healing to start in, but something needed to change. Instead, I learned to listen to what my body was telling me and started a daily breath awareness meditation practice. I learned the healing art of Reiki and healed my anxiety through proper diet, creating healthy relationships, and a balanced work environment. Through this evolution, I earned two yoga certifications, became a meditation instructor, an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and Reiki master.

I’ve worked since 2017 as a Life Coach and have been surprised that it's in that space that I started to feel others' pain and notice myself being triggered by it. I started working with Rachel Fiori to navigate these sensations and the feelings that arose from them. In 2021, I embarked on an exciting journey of self discovery in order to transmute my own triggers and learn how to teach others to do the same as a Masters of Self Mystical Life Coach. In this certificate, I am learning to master the art of heart opening healing so that I can transform my childhood wounds and finally, once and for all, be free of them. I’ve grown to understand what my mental, emotional and behavioral patterns are so I can lovingly spot them and take time to heal them when they show up. The techniques I’ve learned can help every soul on the planet to do the same so that we can be free to find true peace and happiness in this life.

It is now my passion and purpose to help others understand their own patterns and teach them how to embrace and heal them through the power of the healed heart. I truly believe we have the answers to be our best Self within. I help others remember their authentic self, unravel their patterns and discover their own passion and purpose through a personalized, heart-centered partnership. It will be my honor to hold the space for you to discover and personally experience what I have for yourself. Join me?

This is what my peer had to say:

I have known Treloar Hocking for many years, and I am always amazed at the amount of love and light she shares with everyone she encounters!  She once told me that her name literally means “True Love”…and that is exactly what she embodies!  She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and always works in a genuine heart-centered manner.  I highly recommend Treloar to anyone who is seeking assistance in transforming their life and deepening their connection to their own divine love within!

Wendy K, Founder of the Crystal Lotus Meditation and Wellness Center, Manasquan NJ

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