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Life Coaching

People come to coaching for many reasons but ultimately they want something to be different. Whether it’s better health, happier relationships, or a new career, a person may not understand how to achieve tangible results. Effective coaches use a combination of developmental and performance techniques, but it’s in deep listening and asking powerful questions that we understand truly what vision to hold for them in a session.  For we know, that in each external change, there is a corresponding internal shift in expanded awareness and understanding of self. Coaching will help you understand your passion, and purpose, and develop aligned action towards it.

It’s important to understand the difference between Therapy and Coaching. Therapy helps individuals deal with difficult emotions, mental health disorders, and trauma by helping to manage stress and redirect disturbing emotions, such as neglect or abuse, where as coaching is the uncovering of unconscious conditions, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy patterns that prevent a person from moving forward. Coaching will help to focus on intentions, purpose, and vision while creating a clear future and realized goals.


I bring my vast business experience and personal development tools to each coaching partnership. I am able to relate to the pressures, demands, and culture of the professional sector, as well as offering a heart-centered, holistic ideology to my clients. In the traditional business sector, the mental, masculine, left brain is paramount to success. Often, focussing on the left brain approach overpowers leaving several individuals lacking in the heart based, feminine, right brain, which is where true creativity and innovation resides. In my own personal development, I cherish and value an equal share of these two brains and understand that in their cohesiveness I am a whole person and more successful as a result. I offer many tools and exercises to help clients bring these aspects into balance in order to discover their fullest potential in all areas of life.

I offer a FREE 30 MINUTE DISCOVERY SESSION to help you determine if my coaching is right for you. All client sessions are conducted over a video chat program which is easily downloaded to any device. This allows for a more interactive and personal experience and can be done anywhere you have an internet connection. I currently have clients spanning all over the USA as well as Europe, Africa and Asia. We find a consistent day and time to meet, either weekly or bi-weekly, to fit different schedules and time zones. There is no reason you can't be living your best life. Scroll down to the contact me section of this page and start your journey today.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest

 fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”  Marianne Williamson

Hear what a client had to say:                                 

I so appreciate your patience; kindness and empathy for my situation for the deep losses I was feeling as I was trying to put my life back together.  I quite literally needed an east meets west approach in this journey of trying to blend logic and facts with flow and intuition. Thank you for believing in me and letting me be myself in the dark and the light through this process. 

MCD, San Francisco CA

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